Kofi Kingston Gives Thoughts On Paul Heyman, Eric Bischoff Returning To WWE Creative

WWE is in the midst of a major shake-up with their creative team, with Eric Bischoff (SmackDown) and Paul Heyman (RAW) slowly taking command of their respective shows.

WWE Champion Kofi Kingston has thrived this year not due to any particular work done by creative, but more so because of a ground swell of support among the WWE audience. Kingston's rise has been as organic and unscripted as they come.

However, in order to remain in his position at the top of the card for months (and years) to come, Kingston will need to lean on creative to come up with good material for him as he continues his reign as champion. Kingston was asked about his thoughts on Bischoff and Heyman returning to prominent creative roles by WFF.

"This is amazing news, this is awesome news; I think everyone is going to benefit by having two of the greatest minds in the history of wrestling actually dictating storylines and developing characters," Kofi explained. "I think it's a bonus and it's a plus for everybody involved, for people on the roster who are looking to have character changes, people on the roster who are looking to have different rivalries, unique rivalries, etc. I think it's a great situation especially for the fans.

"I mean, you guys now get to realize and witness the results of these creative minds getting back into the business at the highest level," Kingston continued. "I think it's great, I really can't wait, and I'm really excited like everybody else to see exactly what is going to be brought to the table. And I'm looking forward to working with Eric Bischoff on the SmackDown brand."

WFF followed up by asking if a new era is on the horizon with a return to some of the edgier content the company presented in past years.


"I'm not sure [if a new era is coming], man. It's probably out of my pay grade to classify what is 'PG' and what is not; all I know is that I think we are going out of our way to make sure that we entertain the people and draw fans in," Kofi said. "And I think that Braun and Bobby - that [rivalry and the set exploding] was awesome. That was so intense. I think that's what people are looking for, people are looking to see and looking to be entertained in different ways. And [the set exploding], beyond a shadow of a doubt, was different to say the least and definitely had a lot of eyes turned towards it. I think it was great. I think it was different, unique, and I'm looking to see what more we can do, how much more we can push the envelope."

[H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcript.]