Logan Paul Wants WWE's Roman Reigns One on One, Reigns Responds

WWE's Tribal Chief and Head of the Table Roman Reigns recently touched on a number of topics during an interview with Logan Paul on his Impaulsive podcast, including a match against The Rock, his famous promo battle with John Cena, and more. Paul jsut recently started his WWE career, but after the interview, he revealed that he now knows who he wants to face for his next big match, and he is going big, as that opponent is none other than Reigns. Paul wants Roman one-on-one (via Fightful), and Reigns responded just as you would expect him to respond to someone looking to face the head of the Bloodline so soon.

When discussing wanting to face Reigns, Paul said "I can feel the dog coming out in me. Like when I watch him on TV and in the ring, I just wanna f---ing wrestle the guy." Paul then compared his WWE journey to what he's done in the world of boxing, bringing up that he faced the biggest name in boxing in his second match.

"That's what I do. I did it with Floyd Mayweather. My second opponent was Floyd f---ing Mayweather," Paul said. Then Paul brought up what he's already done in WWE, specifically at SummerSlam against The Miz. "Did you see what I did at SummerSlam? When was the last time you saw something like that done? Top rope, onto the table, in my second match ever," Paul said.

"It's what I do. I love competing at the highest level as soon as I get into the thing," Paul said. Then he dropped the most surprising line, saying "You put me against Roman Reigns right now, I think I would win. Me vs. Roman Reigns one-on-one, that's my match."

Reigns saw the comments from Paul and seemed a bit offended that the Tribal Chief had just appeared on his show only for the host to turn around and say he would beat him one on one, and he called upon the wise man to take care of it.

On Twitter, Reigns wrote "I bless the world and bring the Island of Relevancy to your show. You and your boys acknowledge me and as soon as I'm gone you run your mouth?!. Wiseman, handle him. @HeymanHustle."

We'll have to wait and see if Paul gets his one-on-one match against Reigns, but recent reports have suggested WWE doesn't want him to lose before WrestleMania, so if they do meet up in the ring, things don't look so great for Paul's chances of taking the victory.

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