Matt Cardona Posts Sneak Peak Of New Internet Championship Belt

Matt Cardona (formerly Zack Ryder of WWE) rose to major prominence back in 2011 when he started a YouTube series titled Z! True Long Island Story. Rather than relying on the WWE writing team to get him over with the crowd, Cardona took matters into his own hands and became one of the most popular wrestlers on the roster. Through the series, he unveiled an Internet Championship belt that eventually made its way on to WWE television. Eventually, the Internet Championship was retired from television and made its way to the wall of Cardona's office in Florida.

However, it looks like a new version of the title is coming soon. With his recent WWE release, Cardona is set to wrestle on the independent circuit once again whenever live wrestling picks up following the COVID-19 pandemic. With a die hard fan base dating back to his original surge in popularity almost a decade ago, sustained in recent years by a popular podcast, YouTube channel, and social media presence, there's sure to be a lot of demand across the country for Cardona on various live events.

It looks like he'll be bringing a new Internet Championship belt with him, too. Cardona sent out a picture of a belt design on Wednesday. He tagged Wildcat Belts in the post, which is a popular championship belt maker. Check out the post and photo below.

Visible on the belt design is Cardona's new "MC" logo, as well as the prominent letters "INT," which we assume to be part of "internet." The previous version of the Internet Championship that Cardona used in WWE featured a caricature of his WWE character (complete with headband and spiked hair). Unable to use that logo now, the new belt appears to feature Cardona's new caricature skull face logo which he has already debuted on his Pro Wrestling Tees store, and that is visible in the photo above.

Cardona's WWE no compete clause will reportedly expire on July 15th, and it doesn't seem likely that many (if any) live wrestling shows with a crowd will be held before then. However, once that possibility opens up, look for Cardona to make his presence felt in a big way.

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