NXT's Adam Cole Turns on Roderick Strong

after two weeks of very questionable actions, it was finally time for Adam Cole to explain his actions at TakeOver and what happened the following week. Cole previously knocked out both Finn Balor and teammate Kyle O'Reilly at TakeOver, and last week he helped take out both again, but went one step further and slammed O'Reilly onto the steel steps. Now it was time for him to explain himself, and Cole said he wanted to have it face to face but he can't because of what he did.

He said he was dead wrong for taking him out and should be in the ring with him, and he said he made a stupid mistake and he hates himself for it. Cole said "Kyle, I am so sorry and I'm going to do everything in my power to fix this. If I can't do anything I'm going to try."

"Wow Adam, really? Now you feel bad? For the past 10 days, you didn't feel bad for not letting me know what was going on? For what you did to Kyle. For what you did to us! Everything's changed now," Strong said. "This Undisputed ERA. This was built on trust. Love, a brotherhood. We would do whatever it took to have each other's back no matter what it was, and just like that you shattered that trust."

"Now Adam, I need you to look at me and to understand this. Kyle is gonna heal. But when Kyle heals I don't know if I can save you from what he's going to do to you," Strong said.

At that point, Finn Balor came to the ring and shoved aside Strong. He went after Cole and started beating him down in the ring, and Strong came in to help. Balor kept up the attack on Strong, and Cole superkicked Balor, knocking him out. Cole then went in to check on Strong, and Strong clotheslined him.

Cole said it was all his fault, and Strong looked confused. Cole was crying into his hands and Strong bent down to talk to him and said he loved him and he was his brother. Cole said he loved him and they hugged, and Cole kept saying he was sorry. They shook hands and then Cole hit him with a low blow, bringing Strong to his knees.

Cole then said, "You're so stupid." He then ripped off his ERA chain and superkicked him, knocking him down to the ground.

You can find the official description for tonight's NXT below.

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