NXT's Rhea Ripley Had Five Earrings Ripped Out During Io Shirai Match

Those who tuned into NXT this week were witness to a phenomenal match between Rhea Ripley and Io Shirai, one that would've been a standout on any TakeOver or WrestleMania for that matter. Those who watched also probably noticed that midway through the match Ripley's ear was bleeding quite a bit, and it seemed it was due to an earing being pulled or ripped. According to today's NXT Injury Report, that is indeed what happened, though it's actually not just one earring she lost, but a total of five that were ripped from her ear. According to the report, she should be fine, but doctors had to cut pieces of skin off her ear to "make her ear look normal-ish".

It also says she received multiple contusions and abrasions on both ears, but she should be okay. As for Shira, she is suffering from a sore neck and whiplash but is not expected to miss any time.

Going back to Ripley, after that kind of match that doesn't result in a Championship, it's typically time for the star to move to a different brand, at least it has been that way in the past. We'll have to wait and see if that happens here, but Ripley might be running out of big feuds in NXT unless some new blood comes in soon, so moving to SmackDown might just be her next step.

Rhea could instantly be put in the title picture with a move to SmackDown, either with Bayley or Sasha Banks or a big feud with Bianca Belair. We'll just have to wait and see.

Speaking of SmackDown, you can find the official description for tonight's episode of SmackDown below.

After reclaiming the WWE Championship from Randy Orton, Drew McIntyre is traveling back to SmackDown for a Survivor Series Contract Signing with Universal Champion Roman Reigns. Plus Daniel Bryan returns for retribution of Jey Uso. Don't miss SmackDown, tonight at 8/7C on FOX.

Here's what's on the card tonight:

WWE Champion vs Universal Champion Survivor Series Contract Signing

Seth Rollins vs Buddy Murphy


Daniel Bryan vs Jey Uso

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