Sarray Scores a Win in NXT Debut

The NXT Universe has been awaiting the arrival of Sarray, and the phenom finally made her official in-ring debut for the black and gold brand against Zoey Stark after Stark requested a match. Stark started out the match hot by pinning Sarray down and putting pressure on Sarray's limbs, but Sarray quickly got some payback, displaying her athleticism and flexibility by evading Stark's attacks and stomping the back of Stark. She then locked in a submission complete with a bridge until Stark got to the ropes, and Stark looked to return the favor.

Stark tried to keep Sarray grounded and went to the power game, slamming Sarray into the corner turnbuckles and then hitting her with big kicks and punches. Sarray hit some punches of her own but Stark put a halt to any comeback with a hold in the center of the ring. Sarray slammed Stark's back into the turnbuckles, and while Stark got a shot in, Sarray knocked her out of the ring.

Sarray and Stark then traded big punches, but at one point Sarray was fuming and hit two massive punches. Stark cut off the momentum but Sarray quickly got it back, almost pinning Stark after a dropkick and suplex combo.

Stark hit Sarray with a big kick and then hit a big knee, but Sarray kicked out at two. Stark went to the top rope but hit the mat as Sarray evaded, but she did kick out. of the pin attempt. Stark hit another kick but Sarray kicked out. Another rollup from Stark ended the same way. Stark went to put her down for good but Sarray hit a roundhouse kick to the jaw and a punch to the face, followed by a pin and her first win in NXT.

After the match, Sarray hugged Stark and picked her up from the mat, and Stark congratulated her. As she made her way out of the ring though she was attacked by Toni Storm, and Sarray went to Stark's aid.

You can check out the full description for tonight's episode below.

"Tonight on NXT, Kyle O'Reilly returns for the first time since prevailing in a barbaric Unsanctioned Match against Adam Cole at NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver. Kushida will also put his newly won NXT Cruiserweight Title on the line in an open challenge, Sarray will make her highly anticipated debut and the enigmatic Dexter Lumis faces LA Knight."

Here's the full card:

Kyle O'Reilly Returns

Kushida Issues Open Challenge

Sarray Debuts Against Zoey Stark


Dexter Lumis vs LA Knight

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