ROH: Broken Matt Hardy Reveals His Message To The Young Bucks

Broken Matt Hardy is a treasure. A certifiable one grant you but still a treasure.The Broken One [...]

Broken Matt Hardy is a treasure. A certifiable one grant you but still a treasure.

The Broken One surprised fans at the Ring Of Honor Final Battle after the match between the superstar Young Bucks and the Briscoes. After the match, the Bucks didn't get much of a chance to celebrate their win before the big screen revealed Hardy's crazed face, and the audience soon erupted.

Unfortunately, that means that you might have actually missed what Hardy was saying, but earlier today he released the full video on YouTube (via CageSideSeats). The transcription is listed below.


I must admit, it's quite DELIGHTFUL to partake in the honorable ring once again. And I must also admit... Bucks of Youth! Dim Boys! That was quite the intoxicating match-up you just participated in. I don't know if you've known this, but myself and Brother Nero have been mandated to prove we are the greatest tag team in all of time, in all of space. And if that means we must come to ROH and render you ramshackle rednecks and you spot monkeys OBSOLETE, then we will. But be warned Bucks of Youth, if myself and Brother Nero come to the honorable ring, we will DELETE your tag team title reign! DELETE! DELETE! DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!


The fact that Broken Matt Hardy showed up at all is a big deal, considering he's signed with TNA, and delivering a promo like that just builds the anticipation for their upcoming tag match even more. He wins all the points by referring to the team as the "Bucks of Youth", and it didn't' take long for the Bucks to capitalize on it, as they debuted new shirts with the slogan on their Twitter page.

It should be quite the entertaining match, and Final Battle was pretty entertaining in itself. In addition the Hardy drop in, Cody Rhodes turned heel in wondrous fashion after his match with Jay Lethal, kicking him where the sun doesn't shine and then proceeded to take a fan's cup and throw it and its contents at ROH official Todd Sinclair. It's quite a way to leave an impression, and fans of Ring of Honor seem to have much to look forward to in the coming months.

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