WWE SmackDown: Shorty G Confirms Heel Turn in Matt Riddle Attack

The revolving doors of trying to figure out what WWE has planned for Chad Gable, aka Shorty G, continued Friday night during SmackDown. Matt Riddle issued an open challenge, which was answered by "King" Baron Corbin. As Corbin made his way down the aisle, he was blindsided from behind by Shorty G. That evolved into a match between the two former amateur stars, a bout which was won by Riddle.

This served as part of the story with Riddle and Corbin continuing their feud, but Shorty G joining up with Corbin was a new wrinkle in the narrative. Ever since WWE renamed the talented young star Gable as Shorty G, his character has seen kind of aloof without much direction, the exact opposite of what you would expect when someone's character is given a makeover.

Gable has proven time and again to be a great worker between the ropes, but getting a character together that the fans can invest in, either by cheering or boo'ing, has been a challenge to this point. The Shorty G character as is really has failed to connect with the audience, which was something most fans proably could have predicted when he was given the character name change.

Where would you like to see WWE take Chad Gable's character? What would make you invest as a fan? Let us know in the comments section below.