New Tales From The Territories Trailer Drops

Tales From The Territories, a new series VICE TV series from the creators of The Dark Side of The Ring and produced by Dwayne Johnson's Seven Bucks Productions, dropped a new trailer on Thursday ahead of its Oct. 4 premiere. The trailer includes soundbites from Abdullah The Butcher, Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin, Jeff Jarrett, Steve Keirn, Bret Hart, Curtis "Rocky" Laukea and Kevin Sullivan, while other stars like Diamond Dallas Page, David Schultz, Kevin Von Erich, Jimmy Hart and Jerry Lawler also briefly appeared. You can see the full clip below.

The show's official synopsis reads, "The territory days were the time before wrestling expanded nationally, when different areas across the US and Canada, aka "Territories," were areas dominated by unscrupulous bookers, rabid fans who fervently believed in their favorite characters and fearless wrestlers who blurred the lines between fiction and reality both inside and outside the ring."

Brian Gewirtz of Seven Bucks Productions talked about the series during an interview with ComicBook last month — "I've been fortunate enough to be at some of the tapings for these shows and they're all fascinating. Whether it's hearing, I think the panel was Jeff Jarrett, Jerry Jarrett, Jerry Lawler, Dutch Mantel, Jimmy Hart, talking about Memphis and talking about Kaufman/Lawler, straight from Jerry Lawler's mouth and Jimmy Hart, all that stuff is really cool. I've always been... I grew up on the East Coast and grew up WWE, born and bred type of thing. But I used to buy the pro wrestling illustrated magazines and always read about World Class and read about Mid-Atlantic and Mid-South and all those type of things.

"And (I) was fortunate, I remember I was a kid looking at one of the pictures and going, 'Oh my God, who is that guy?' It turned out to be Michael Hayes, who I would work side-by-side with for over a decade. The World Class episodes, those were ones I was particularly looking forward to because it's such a fascinating territory and they were so ahead of the curve and ahead of their time. And yeah, I could say the episodes don't disappoint," he added.