Is Trish Stratus Teasing a Match With Sasha Banks?

Trish Stratus took to social media on Wednesday with a post showing off a new logo celebrating her 20 years in the pro wrestling business. After flashing a new logo and a date — March 19 — the video flashed an image of Stratus in a face-off with Sasha Banks. The clip instantly sent fans of "The Boss" into a frenzy, giving hope that the two could meet in a WWE ring in the near future.

Check out the video for yourself below.

So is this promotion for a match? Probably not. It's entirely possible the video was meant to hype up anticipation for the date, where she might unveil some new merchandise or a special on her personal website. Stratus stated emphatically that her match with Charlotte Flair at the 2019 SummerSlam would be the last of her career.

"As you get older, you decide this is it," she said in an interview with the Toronto Sun leading up to the match. "I don't need to keep coming back. I've had my ride. But this scenario was so special. To face a superstar like Charlotte Flair at this point of my life. In Toronto. At the second biggest pay-per-view of the year (WrestleMania is first). What could be more right? To face the greatest of her generation — and it's been argued that I was the greatest of my generation — it's a pretty unique matchup. Everything is aligning for this and with my age — how much longer can I do this or want to do this? This is the perfect time to do it."


"There's a lot of buzz about the event, about my match. Personally, I had to dig deep to find my inner-Trish Stratus again," she admitted. "I had to do that. I'm a mom now. 'I'm a bad-ass mom,' I keep telling myself. I had to find that inner fire in me. You think, 'Can I do it? Am I able to do it?' I watch the tapes (of training) and I see it coming together. It's like my brain is two steps behind my body, but then your body surprises you. And you think, 'Holy smokes, after two kids and all these years, I can still do this.'"

For those wondering, the photo is a snapshot from Stratus' appearance in the 2018 Women's Royal Rumble.