UFC President States "Fight Island" Will Be Ready This June

Like many other industries, entertainment or otherwise, the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) is making some changes in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, one of which is the concept of "Fight Island" that should be opening, according to President Dana White, this June. "Fight Island" is exactly what you think it is in that the UFC has bought its own island to not only hold some of its fights internationally, but also by setting up a number of training facilities that will assist the fighters in prepping for their mixed martial arts fights.

Fans, of course, have responded with a number of hilarious comebacks for the concept of "Fight Island", comparing it to the island that was used in the fictional video game franchise that was Mortal Kombat! With fans even going so far as to photoshop president Dana White as if he were Shang Tsung, the originator of the supernatural tournament. The upcoming event space for the UFC is giving the company the opportunity to host their events and hopefully protect fighters from the coronavirus, while giving fans a brand new setting to watch some of their favorite fights in mixed martial arts!

Dana White had this to say specifically about Fight Island and its tentative opening date, being interviewed as a part of the Jim Rome Radio Show:

"The infrastructure is being built right now. I'm hoping that it will all be done Mid-June. Hopefully we'll be able to have a fight that weekend that it opens, or maybe closer toward the end of June. What we're building that for is that I can't predict what tomorrow might bring with this coronavirus, so the hardest thing is going to be getting people in from the United States. This is where we're going to do all our international fights."

Much like the UFC, the WWE and the AEW wrestling companies have had to make similar changes to their operations, performing to empty stadiums if they're performing at all. While neither company has announced "Fight Islands" of their own, it just goes to show some of the outside of the box thinking that companies have had to do in the face of COVID-19!


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