Watch: Heath Slater Awakens From WWE Nightmare, Looks Ahead To The Future

Heath Slater was one of the numerous names from WWE to be released on April 15th. Having been in WWE since 2006, Slater had a long, if otherwise up and down, career in the company. However, he's now looking to raise his stock once again by being allowed the freedom to work longer matches and create a character that he wants to present and believes in. Slater has already got a start at this, with his WWE non-compete clause expiring this week and giving him the ability to move on in his career.

Slater published a video to his Instagram account that shows him waking up from a nightmare and looking ahead after his "wake up call." Slater's nightmare features some footage from his WWE run.

Check out the video (and its caption) below.

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When I was young, I dreamt of having a place just for me inside the squared circle. With the help of my Mom and Grandpa, I made that dream my reality. At 23 years old, my priority was me and only me. I lived the life that the old timers told me about and life on the road was everything I thought it would be at first. As the years went on my career evolved and so did I. I became a man, a husband and a father. Year after year, loss after loss my time in the ring became less and less fulfilling and my time at home became more and more precious but there was never a healthy balance between the two. Leaving WWE may have not been on my terms, but moving forward the choices I make regarding my career and my life will be ONLY on my terms. Over the last 14 years, I lost the man I thought I was... but Thank God I’m finding him again. I’m ready to reignite my fire. I’m ready to be the wrestler I was meant to be, while being the father and the husband that my family deserves. Now it’s my turn and I’m going to rise. So y’all better watch the hell out. Special thanks to @mauricio_jc0509 with @visualfirst_production for your time and dedication to this project. Thank you to Matt Mullins with @thebringdowns for my amazing new entrance music. Thank you to @latitude35cf for allowing us to use your space and kicking my ass into top shape over the last 90 days. Thanks to my wife @prettymotherpuckers for always having my back, even when I didn’t make it easy. My mom @ddtsrt for being my biggest fan. And of course a special thanks to my friends who have supported me through all of this change @natesiemon @emusukhbayar @emileesiemon @thomasculp88, @dmcintyrewwe @ganzo.u

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