Watch: Kevin Owens And Paul Heyman In Must-See Talking Smack Segment

WWE's Talking Smack program has become must-see television in recent weeks. Recorded after SmackDown, the show often features talent in interview segments which are less scripted than what we see on Raw or SmackDown, and thus, much more natural (and frankly, better). Paul Heyman has really excelled on the show as a constant presence, as has Kevin Owens.

This week's edition of Talking Smack aired on FS1 rather than the WWE Network, which is the usual home to the show. With WWE SmackDown moved to FS1 due to the PAC-12 Championship Game, the network decided to air Talking Smack live immediately following SmackDown.

The show featured a pre-recorded interview with The Rock, and another must-see segment between Kevin Owens and Paul Heyman. After Owens was attacked by Jey Uso and Roman Reigns to close out SmackDown, he came to the Talking Smack set and gave an incredible promo next to Heyman.

He talked about how he wasn't going to attack Heyman unless he spoke, which had Heyman on edge the entire time. He talked about how he was going to defeat Reigns at TLC on Sunday and how he had reached a breaking point, noting that Heyman knew exactly what he was talking about.

It was some really great stuff. Check out some clips below.