Watch: Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan Go Face To Face On SmackDown

This week on SmackDown Live, Roman Reigns continued his quest at finding out who has been attacking him of late.

His night started out with a match against Buddy Murphy. The former WWE Cruiserweight Champion had previously told Reigns that Rowan was responsible for the attacks on him. He later challenged Reigns to a match via social media and Reigns accepted.

The two had a fantastic bout on SmackDown, what could prove to be a star-making moment for Murphy who held his own in the ring against one of WWE's main eventers and came off looking like he belongs in that discussion.

In the end, Reigns was victorious and was shown backstage after walking back through the curtain asking a stage hand where Bryan and Rowan's dressing room was.

Bryan and Rowan confronted Buddy Murphy following the match and told him to admit he was lying when he said that Rowan was responsible for the attack on Reigns. Bryan got up close and personal during the segment until Murphy gave in.

As Reigns walked into the dressing room, Bryan told Reigns he and Rowan had been waiting for him. Bryan told him to apologize to Rowan for believing he was responsible for the attack. He said that since Reigns apologized to Joe previously, he should do so for them.


Reigns looked frustrated and refused to say anything. Bryan told him that he and Rowan have been conducting their own investigation and have identified who attack Reigns. They said next week on SmackDown, they will reveal who the culprit is.

Check out the video below.