WWE: Bowling For Soup Debuts New Song and Video Dedicated to Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss is one of the biggest stars in WWE, and has a legion of fans all over the world. That's why it's no surprise that the superstar is the central figure in a song dedicated completely to her, and it comes courtesy of Bowling For Soup. The band debuted a brand new song and video titled fittingly Alexa Bliss, and any fan of the Goddess is going to get a kick out of it. The video has two boys creating their dream girl, and that dream girl happens to be Alexa Bliss, who comes to life thanks to some luck, a WWE doll, and some drawings. The real Bliss ends up hanging out with them all day and the band also makes an appearance, and you can watch the full video above.

The trio then gets in the car and heads out to have some fun, which includes shooting some pool, jumping on a trampoline, playing UNO, and even baking, culminating with a wrestling tryout, and she looks like she's having a blast the whole time.

The chorus goes "Why can't every girl be more like Alexa Bliss. How can a chick on TV make you feel like this? She's got a finishing move called Twisted Bliss and it's like my heart is caught in a sleeper hold. Whoa oh oh. Why can't every girl be more like Alexa Bliss."

(Photo: WWE/Bowling For Soup)

Bowling For Soup knows their Bliss trivia, as evidenced in the next verse, which even points out her adorable pet pig Larry Steve.

"She says some really mean stuff to the other wrestlers. Some say they hate her but they just don't get her. And if you try to bring her down she'll say bless your heart. Her favorite song is girl all the bad guys want, and sometimes she cheats but she never gets caught yeah. She's got a pig named Larry Steve and he's so smart. I love to watch her in the ring. To me she's the champ of everything."


The best part is that the very last words of the song are simply Larry Steve, and he even gets a cameo. All in all, this was hilarious and pretty perfect, and you can check out the song's cover above and the single can be found on Spotify and Amazon.

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