WWE's Carmelo Hayes Retains NXT North American Title at Great American Bash

The North American Championship has been one of the most coveted Titles in NXT over the past few months, and after some shenanigans to get a shot at that Title, Grayson Waller looked to seal the deal at Great American Bash. Waller managed to trick his former friend and current NXT North American Champion Carmelo Hayes into battling him for the Title, and Hayes was looking to add another win to his building resume. It was easy to see just how well the two opponents knew each other, as they reversed and countered each other's moves throughout the match. It would ultimately be Hayes that got the last laugh, delivering the final blow to retain his NXT North American Championship at Great American Bash.

The bell hit and Hayes and Waller met in the center, exchanging holds and pulling some hair to kick off the match. The former friends countered each other's moves and Waller went for the first cover but then Hayes returned the favor, but both kicked out. Hayes dodged Waller's kick and then clocked one of his own before hitting a chop. Both delivered stylish evasions and then Waller got a hard punch in before heading up top.

Hayes was back on his feet with two pick kicks to the head and then he hit a huge leg drop before going for a pin, but Waller kicked out. Waller had Hayes up on his shoulders and then slammed him to the mat before exiting the ring, and Waller gave chase with a big clothesline that knocked the Champion hard to the floor.

Hayes and Waller would take the match back into the ring and trade strikes and knockdowns before Waller grounded the Champion with a hold in the center of the ring. Both continued to trade kicks and reversals, spotlighting just how well they know each other in the ring. Waller was able to connect on Hayes but Hayes did some damage as well, and after a minute of regrouping, they met in the center once more and traded punches and strikes.

Hayes got the upper hand and then launched off the second rope and collided with Waller. Waller took Hayes' feet out from under him and then brought Hayes down hard and went for the cover, but Hayes kicked out. Hayes went for a Tornado DDT but Waller countered with a Stunner, though Hayes rolled himself out of the ring to buy him some time.


Waller went to run towards Hayes but Trick Williams stopped him only to get knocked down by Wes Lee. Hayes hit Waller in the ring and hit nothing but net, and after a cover he claimed victory, retaining his NXT North American Championship.

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