Report: Cesaro Signs New WWE Deal, Face Turn Plans Revealed

WWE fans have enjoyed getting to see bigger pushes and more importantly actual wins for Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura on SmackDown, and it turns out both examples were linked to Cesaro and his contract status. It was previously reported that Cesaro's contract was coming to its end after WrestleMania, but a new report from Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter says that Cesaro has already agreed to a new deal with WWE, despite it not being officially announced by either party and evidently the agreement was made several weeks ago. No word on how long the deal is for, but hopefully more details will come to light soon.

As for how this links to Nakamura, it turns out that the impressive Gauntlet Match victory that helped push Nakamura back into the spotlight was actually originally designed for Cesaro. It was a Daniel Bryan idea, and the pitch called for Cesaro to be in that role, which would help him turn Babyface.

It seems at the time the agreement between Cesaro and WWE hadn't yet come to pass, and since his contract status was up in the air, the decision was made to put Nakamura in that spot instead.

Nakamura would end up getting screwed over by Jey Uso and Roman Reigns, though since he has continued to net victories, and has even told Sami Zayn, who came to him and told him he was responsible for all of Shinsuke's success, to shove it. He even got his original music back, so it's been a good though brief run for Nakamura.

Cesaro has still been involved with it despite not being the focus, as he's joined in on commentary during Nakamura's matches. It remains to be seen how WWE uses Cesaro in this storyline now that the deal is done, and if that still includes a babyface run or a future match against Roman Reigns. Having Cesaro in the title picture is something fans have wanted for a while, especially if Reigns is involved, so fingers crossed that happens down the line.


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