Watch: CM Punk Pretends to Be the WWE SmackDown Hacker on WWE Backstage

Last week speculation that CM Punk was Friday Night SmackDown's mystery hacker started up, and the former WWE Champion decided to have some fun with it on this week's WWE Backstage. The theories started up when a recent tweet from the hacker, going by @TheMessage on Twitter, used Punk's old catchphrase "Do I have everybody's attention now?" Renee Young continued to fuel that fire by theorizing on last week's show that Punk was behind the whole thing, even though more plausible theories point it towards Mustafa Ali (and possibly Chad Gable and Xavier Woods). This week's Backstage opened with a man facing a computer in a hoodie alongside Young, Booker T and Christian. Before they could ask questions, Punk whipped around and took off his hoodie, acting like nothing had happened.

"What's up guys?" Punk said sarcastically. "I was watching WrestleMania III."

Obviously Punk isn't the hacker, but it's funny to see him be in on the joke.

The former world champion has been popping up on WWE Backstage since late 2019. Recently he's been giving his reviews of WWE's cinematic matches, starting with the Boneyard and Firefly Fun House Matches.

"It's good and it's bad," Punk said. "If I had to pick which one [from WrestleMania] is my favorite Boneyard runs away with it because you've got a strong character like The Undertaker. This guy gets away with [it], this guy shoots lightning out of his hands, you know. He has the currency with the fans where he can get away with doing some hokey stuff. The sound effects with strikes and stuff, I can forgive that.


"If you do that with guys who don't have currency with fans I think it exposes guys, it hurts them more than it helps them. In certain situations, big thumbs up," he continued. "In other situations, I think don't beat it into the ground and save it so it's special."

This week he gave his two cents about the latest "mini movie" match, in which 12 men and women battled through the WWE Headquarters up to the roof to try and retrieve the Money in the bank contracts. Otis and Asuka wound up winning.