WWE's Creed Brothers Retain NXT Tag Team Titles at Great American Bash

Tonight's WWE NXT Great American Bash carried several opportunities for Title Gold, including a shot at the NXT Tag Team Championships. Those are currently held by The Creed Brothers, but lately, Diamond Mine is far from on the same page, and after Roderick Strong and Damon Kemp challenged Julius and Brutus Creed, it would seem the group is probably one step closer to fully imploding. After a hard-fought battle, it was the Creed Brothers who stood tall as the victors and as the Champions, though you could still see that things were not okay, as Strong looked pretty frustrated and at several times Julius looked like he wanted to tear Strong's head off. We'll just have to wait and see if the group can make it to the next chapter.

At the match's start, Strong tagged himself in right away to face Brutus, and after some back and forth it was Brutus who knocked him to the mat after Strong ran into a brick wall. Strong tagged himself out and Kemp was in to face Julius, and Julius hit a suplex on Kemp, which paved the way for Kemp to attack Julius after he started jawing a bit at Strong. Strong tagged himself in again and hit several punches on Julius before tagging Kemp in, who flipped Julius over only to get lifted by Julius as he made his way to the corner and tagged in Brutus.

Brutus went for the cover but Kemp kicked out, and Julius then teamed up with Brutus to knock Kemp down. Julius then slammed Kemp down and sent him to the other side of the ring, and Kemp rolled out of the ring only for Strong to roll him back in. Then Julius sent him over the ropes on the other side of the ring and Brutus went for the Brutus Bomb up top and connected, though it also did some damage to Brutus as well.

Back in the ring Kemp finally tagged out and Strong went to work on Julius, and after some frenzied offense, Kemp was back in to slam Julius to the mat and drag him to the corner, tagging in Strong afterward. Strong brought Julius down by wrenching his arm and then stomped on his hand before tagging in Kemp, and then Kemp went to work on that same arm and shoulder.

Julius would get himself some space and almost get to Brutus but Kemp cut off the attempt. Kemp then knocked Brutus down but Julius hit a suplex and tagged Brutus in. Brutus clotheslined Kemp and then hit monster punches on Kemp. Strong attacked his back but Brutus caught him. Strong was caught between them and Brutus went to break it up and Strong hit two knee strikes to the jaw.


Strong dragged Brutus to their corner and they attacked him and knocked him down. Kemp tagged in and locked in a hold and then picked him up and hit a suplex. Kemp hit a spear in the corner and then dove off the 2nd rope for another spear and went for the cover but Brutus kicked out. Kemp went to pick him up but Brutus rolled him up though he kicked out. Then Brutus dodged Kemp's move and sent his shoulder into the post. Julius and Strong both tagged in and Julius was all over Strong, flinging him around each and every corner. Punches followed next and then Julius hit a side slam on Strong. Strong got to Kemp to tag but Julius then hit a huge move on him and a punch and that was all she wrote, as the Creed Brothers got the pin and the win. The Creed Brothers have retained their NXT Tag Team Championships.

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