Vince McMahon Coming to Raw to Announce WWE Draft?

On Monday, Vince McMahon will employ himself to resuscitate a lagging Raw and early rumors say he may order a WWE Draft.

PWInsider reports that expectations backstage have McMahon announcing major roster changes via a draft or another Superstar Shake-Up. CageSideSeats has a similar story, but right now the reason for McMahon's takeover is still unknown.

Per PWInsider, McMahon's return to Raw was a late surprise for most inside WWE and may have been the reason Kurt Angle returned at TLC instead Monday night.


For now, consider this only a rumor, however rearranging Raw and SmackDown's roster could be a smart way to generate some much-needed intrigue. Since Roman Reigns' departure from the company, WWE has been in a state of flux. Long-term plans were scrapped in the name of short-term fixes and since his October exit, WWE has been tumultuous. The rapid change has created equal amounts of conversation as it has confusion. Daniel Bryan, Dean Ambrose, and Bobby Lashley are all now villains while Braun Strowman and Elias have become Good Guys. This turnover, combined with the ambiguity surrounding the likes of Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair has made WWE's landscape tough to navigate. But with a draft, WWE can wipe this slate clean and give us a fresh start for 2019.