Sasha Banks Defeats Bayley To Become SmackDown Women's Champion at WWE Hell In A Cell

The feud between SmackDown Women's Champion Bayley and Sasha Banks served as the semi-main event [...]

The feud between SmackDown Women's Champion Bayley and Sasha Banks served as the semi-main event of WWE Hell In A Cell on Sunday night. Only the third women's Cell match ever, the two's story that began with a split to their long term tag team on SmackDown several weeks ago reached a crescendo by entering WWE's most famous cage match. Would Banks be able to win the SmackDown women's title for the first time ever?

Bayley made her entrance with a chair with a spray painted "X" on it, playing off the history of when she turned on Banks during SmackDown and assaulted her with a steel chair. However, as the cage was lowering, Banks kicked Bayley from behind and the chair went flying out of the ring. The announcers screamed about how now Bayley's security blanket was gone as the cell hit the ground, with the chair now on the outside.

Banks took an early advantage until they fought to the outside and Bayley rammed her opponent into the cage. Bayley then took out a Kendo stick, but Sasha took advantage and tossed it through the cage to the outside. Bayley got out another one and Banks put her down with a kick.

Bayley soon took advantage and set up a table on the outside. However, Banks flew in with a Meteora, sending Bayley into the Cell. Banks then hit another Meteora inside the ring. Bayley took out two steel chairs and shifted momentum once again. She tried to put Banks on the table but Banks fought back with another Meteora, sending Bayley into the cage. As they went back into the ring, Bayley grabbed Banks and send her neck first across the top rope. Moments later, Banks used a head scissors to sent Bayley face first into the cell and followed that with a drop kick that sent Bayley into the ring steps.

Banks set up some Kendo sticks between the ring steps and cell. She ran at Bayley, but Bayley used a drop toe hold to send Banks into the sticks and stairs. Bayley used a slingshot, sending Banks neck first into the Kendo sticks.

Back in the ring, Bayley worked over Banks' neck. The highlight of which was when Bayley did a Sunset Flip that sent Banks neck first into a chair in the corner. Bayley also hit a big elbow drop off the top.

Banks did fight back and locked in the Banks Statement out of nowhere, but Bayley escaped and wrapped Banks in the ring skirt. She sent her into the ring beam and used a Kendo stick on her. Bayley then wedged two Kendo Sticks between the ring beams and cage and attempted to duck tape them together (unsuccessfully). As she walked over to Banks, Sasha had a Fire Extinguisher she sprayed her with. Bayley went over to the cage door and reached through to grab her chair from the start of the match, and just after she did so, Banks attacked her ruthlessly.

They got back in the ring and Banks pounded her with a Kendo Stick. Sasha came in with a Frog Splash but Bayley was able to put up her chair to block it. On the outside, Bayley sent Banks face first into the ground. Bayley took out a ladder and set it across two chairs in the ring. Sasha fought back briefly but Bayley sent her face first into the ladder. Bayley laid her across the ladder and then spray painted an "X" on her torso. Bayley went to the top rope with her chair and came off but Banks rolled off. Banks then ran in with a Meteora over the ladder into the corner. Banks hit a Bayley to Belly on to the ladder for a near fall.

Banks was frustrated at this point and started throwing a chair out of the ring and tossing the ladder aside. Bayley hit a running knee and Bayley to Belly for a near fall. Bayley hit a couple chair shots to Banks' back. She went for a Bayley to Belly on to the chair but Banks dodged it. She rolled Banks into a Banks Statement, using the chair for leverage, and Bayley tapped out. Banks is the new WWE SmackDown Women's Championship.