Heartfelt Video of John Cena Inspiring Son of Breast Cancer Survivor Goes Viral

A heartwrenching video of WWE Superstar John Cena starting trending on social media on Wednesday. The video shows Cena on the set of a Cricket Wireless advertisement where Cena was watching a message sent by a young fan named Tyler. The boy recalled learning that his mother had been diagnosed with breast cancer and that Cena's philosophy of "Never Give Up" and the wristband he gave to Tyler at a WWE event helped both he and his mother get through their hardships.

"John Cena's message helped my family because I got his wristband that he gave to me, and when my mom was having her six-hour surgery I gave her that wristband and I told her to never give up. And she's now cancer-free," Tyler said.

Cena was on the verge of tears after the video. Tyler then suddenly popped up from behind the Cricket advertisement. He tried to give Cena a "thank you" message, but the 16-time former world champion rushed to embrace him.

"Coolest surprise ever," Cena said. The video was from 2017, but Twitter user @ProjectDITS reuploaded it to Twitter early Wednesday morning. By noon it had more than half a million views as fans shared their emotional reactions to the clip.


Cena was on the losing end of a WWE Universal Championship match with Roman Reigns in the main event of Saturday's SummerSlam event. He's since taken to Twitter to bid farewell to WWE, at least for now.