John Cena Teases a Return at WWE SummerSlam

John Cena hasn't appeared on WWE television since losing the Firefly Fun House Match against Bray Wyatt back at WrestleMania 36. At the time, Cena was forced to relive his greatest career failures before "The Fiend" attacked him and latched on the Mandible Claw. Cena seemingly disappeared after the Fun House version of Wyatt counted the three. At the time many fans saw this as a way to write Cena off television indefinitely due to his growing Hollywood career. However, a recent Instagram post left fans wondering if he would be making some sort of comeback.

Cena posted his usual photoshopped version of his a photoshopped "Stone Cold" Steve Austin on Friday, something he's made a weekly habit out of. The post was made to hype up SummerSlam, and had a blurred version of Cena's own face (complete with his trademark hat) doctored on top of Austin's.

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If there were ever a time for Cena to arrive and get some revenge on Wyatt, SummerSlam would be a good pick. Wyatt has been feuding with Braun Strowman for months over the Universal Championship and seems to have succeeded in turning "The Monster Among Men" back into a heel. Strowman will now face Wyatt's most dangerous alter-ego, The Fiend, in a Falls Count Anywhere match for the title. A surprise interference by Cena would also play into the "You'll Never See It Coming" tagline WWE has placed on the show.

Cena recently addressed the meaning behind his WrestleMania match with Wyatt in an interview with Sports Illustrated.


"I've had many experiences and many stories in WWE over my tenure there, and a lot of it has been embracing conflict and embracing the tale of good versus evil," Cena said. "This isn't the first time I've done something like this. For the viewing audience, it was the first time they'd seen a cinematic depiction of this, but this isn't the first time that we've seen a conflicted John Cena character. As with all the opportunities I get in WWE, I never try to be complacent and I always like to push the envelope. This was an instance where we could do just that, and I think we put forth a product that certainly got people's attention and got people talking."

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