WWE's Keith Lee Previews Roman Reigns Match

WWE fans were ecstatic with the arrival of NXT superstar Keith Lee into the ranks of the "big leagues" and we here at Comicbook.com recently had the chance to talk with the new addition to World Wrestling Entertainment's roster about a potential match with the bruiser Roman Reigns. Making a big return in this year's Summer Slam, beating down both Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman, Reigns gained the hype man of Paul Heyman and was able to score a big win in the following week's Payback by becoming the new Universal Champion, making a one on one match between him and Lee have that much more on the line.

With Lee's introduction into the main roster of the WWE, he recently made a giant splash by defeating Randy Orton in the latest pay-per-view event of Payback, proving that the organization really chose wisely in elevating the former NXT superstar. In our chat with Keith Lee, we asked the wrestler just what venue he'd like to see a potential one on one match with Reigns take place and how Lee would like to see the match take place in terms of the rules and stipulations of this titanic head to head.

WWE Keith Lee Roman Reigns
(Photo: WWE)

Keith Lee had this to say regarding a potential future bout with Roman Reigns:

"I don't think we need one yet. I think that all you got was two to three minutes of two guys that were already worn from having a match with 15 people around the ring, five, three teams of five. We don't even know the extent or how far a match goes with us yet. Right. I think that we start with something very simple, like a regular match and see what happens. And we go from there, that's just my personal opinion.


But I would be in awe if at some point there are matches in which we can't figure out who's better. And then, at some point there's an IronMan match or a Last Man Standing match, whatever it may be, because I think the guy is, I mean, as he says, he is the guy. And the guy is somebody that I think would provide a level of competition that would leave me to recover for a week or two, but also make me smile from the joy of the battle."

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