WWE's Nia Jax Opens Up About Bullying on ABC's What Would You Do

WWE superstar Nia Jax is a force to be reckoned with in the ring and is often imposing her will on any opponent unfortunate enough to get in her way in the squared circle. It wasn't always that way though, as Jax has unfortunately dealt with significant bullying throughout her life. Jax is opening up about dealing with bullying as well as how she overcame it and became the confident force she is today on ABC's new episode of What Would You Do with host John Quiñones, which will air on Tuesday, August 25th.

The episode will spotlight several scenarios, and Jax will weigh in on a bullying scenario that has a group of teen girls verbally bullying a classmate. We'll see what witnesses to the bullying do, and Jax will share her own story as part of the segment as well.

You can get the full rundown for the episode below.

(Photo: Michaela Dowd/ABC)

A couple of Latino men are in a restaurant speaking Spanish as they wait to order their food. A customer nearby overhears them and questions their immigration status. He tells the men that until there is a border wall, there is no way of knowing who is in the United States legally. How will others who witness the conversation react in New Jersey? What will the reaction be in El Paso, Texas, just a few miles from the U.S.-Mexico border?

A group of teen girls is verbally bullying a classmate at a park. What will witnesses do? Will they defend the young woman or ignore the situation? Jax joins Quiñones behind-the-scenes and opens up about her own story of overcoming bullying and finding self-confidence.

A woman and her son are waiting at a diner for her ex-husband to pick up the child. While waiting, the woman repeatedly says negative things about her ex. As the child becomes visibly upset will others do something? What will fellow diners say if the scene switches and a father criticizes his ex-wife?

A customer in a barbershop falls asleep in the chair, making it impossible for the barber to do his job and delaying other customers' appointments. How will people react? What will bystanders do if a customer falls asleep in a nail salon while getting a pedicure? How will diners respond if a child falls asleep in his food while his mother takes a call?


What Would You Do airs on Tuesday, August 25th at 10:00 PM EST on ABC.