Nikki Bella Blasts WWE's Booking for Bianca Belair at SummerSlam

WWE's SummerSlam event this past weekend was full of highlights, but the event didn't make it all [...]

WWE's SummerSlam event this past weekend was full of highlights, but the event didn't make it all the way to the end without a bit of controversy. The moment that seemed to outright anger fans came midway through the show when, after Sasha Banks was pulled from her match with Bianca Belair at the last minute, Becky Lynch arrived and challenged "The EST" for her SmackDown Women's Championship. "The Man" then proceeded to beat the 2021 Royal Rumble winner and WrestleMania 37 main eventer in a manner of seconds with just two moves.

WWE Hall of Famer Nikki Bella spoke with Scott Fishman at WWE's red carpet event following the show and voiced her outrage over the decision. She said (h/t, "I can tell you what wasn't my favorite moment. It was when [Bianca] lost. That definitely was not my favorite moment and I don't know if I actually had a favorite moment...I've always backed the women and I'm always for the women and you have someone like Bianca, who is such an incredible talent and you can't help but get frustrated when you see moments like that of a championship that meant so much and was lost within seconds. I have to admit for this SummerSlam, there truly wasn't anything that was my favorite."

Belair was also present on the red carpet and gave her side of the situation while speaking with Denise Salcedo. She said (h/t Fightful), "Right now, I'm just trying to collect my thoughts and get my mind together. Everything happened quickly and so fast. I was ready to fight Sasha Banks, and Becky came out, which was an amazing moment and I'm happy to be part of that moment, but I lost my title and right now, I'm just emotional and trying to wrap my mind around it. I have to be honest, I feel defeated right now and okay with being vulnerable and being honest about that. I'm ready to get my title back."

"It was bittersweet. Becky Lynch, what she's accomplished inside and outside the ring, she's The Man and a legend in the making," she continued. It was bittersweet to know she was coming out and to hear that pop from the crowd and hear the vibration from the WWE Universe, it's nothing like you've ever felt before, so to be in the ring and feel all of that was amazing, but at the same time, I was the SmackDown Women's Champion and I knew she was coming for my title. It was bittersweet and I can't help but to be a little sad about the situation and ready to get back in there and get my rematch because I deserve a rematch."