Nikki Bella and Brie Bella Confirm Total Bellas Will Be Ending Soon

WWE Hall of Famers Nikki Bella and Brie Bella — the Bella Twins — have been staples of reality [...]

WWE Hall of Famers Nikki Bella and Brie Bella — the Bella Twins — have been staples of reality television ever since the Total Divas series launched back in 2013. The pair have been on their spin-off series, Total Bellas, on the E! Network since 2016. But now that they're both mothers the pair are talking about ending the series in the near future. Nikki and Brie recently sat down with ET Online and explained that they want to give their children space as they grow older and not force them to live their childhoods in front of cameras.

"We love filming reality. We don't mind it, but you start seeing your kids and that's what you have to start to think about," Brie said, "My daughter hates the camera. So does my husband [Daniel Bryan]."

"Birdie doesn't even let me take pictures...So I'm very respectful of her space, what she wants. I only let her film if she wants to walk into a scene," Brie added. "Both Nicole and I always say, we have to respect our families and at any time where our families feel like it's time for them to be done, then we have to think about that too. So we feel like we might have a little bit in us, but we also have to really just fill it out with our families."

"I can maybe do a few more seasons of reality TV, but I just can't raise my son in front of the cameras." Nikki said. "I just don't want him one day to look at me and be like, 'You never gave me that choice. You put my life out there and you didn't let me have the say, choose that,' and I don't want that. I want him to have a normal upbringing and when he's 18 he can choose whatever it is he wants to do, or even younger than that.

"I love how the world gets to see Artem in a new light. Like, they get this one type of Artem [on] Dancing With the Stars, where it's very focused on dancing. And I think when he came into our screen, in our world, people just loved getting to know him and I'm enjoying that. But I'm very protective of my son," she continued. "So that's why I think, for me, it'll be definitely sooner than later because, even when we were filming stuff in the hospital with our cameras. Even when they're doing his first bath, I was like, 'Artem, no, like, we don't need to get this.' Though I could tell those moments for me, I want to live them through my eyes and not through the screen. So I just, I could feel that it'll definitely be sooner than later."

As for when Total Bellas will end, the pair said it will happen "in a few more years or less." The show's sixth season aired its final episode back on Jan. 28.