WWE NXT Crowns New Women's Tag Team Champions at Vengeance Day

The WWE NXT Women's Tag Team Championships were on the line at Vengeance Day, and Kayden Carter and Katana Chance were not about to let their impressive reign come to an end. They came in as the favorites, as they are a well-oiled machine, and it didn't help that their challengers Fallon Henley and Kiana James had some miscommunication early. Despite those initial issues, James and Henley showed just how deadly they can be as a Tag Team, though the Champs displayed their chemistry at several points throughout the match. Henley and James wouldn't go down though, and after Chance got pushed off the top turnbuckle, James helped hold Carter's legs as Henley pinned her, giving them the win and making James and Henley your new NXT Women's Tag Team Champions.

James started the match against Carter, and Carter taunted a bit before getting thrown out of the ring. Carter then taunted James by slapping Jensen on the butt and once back in the ring Carter tagged in Chance. Chance hit that amazing move off the ropes and covered James, but she kicked out and tagged in Henley.

Henley then had a miscommunication with James and that let Chance get away, but they regrouped and double-clotheslined the Champions. They got their footing back though and slammed down on Henley into a cover, but she kicked out. James then tagged in and hit Chance in the back, and then she brought down Chance with a suplex into a cover but she kicked out. Carter dodged a punch from James and then Chance got thrown into the challenger's corner.

James kept the attack moving and then Henley tagged in and slammed Chance down into a pin but the Champ kicked out. Henley locked down Chance with a hold in the middle of the ring, This continued for a bit, robbing Chance of her speed, but she was able to flip Henley over and crawl towards her corner. Henley was able to throw her off but she still made the tag and Carter hit both Henley and James in the corner.

Carter kicked James and punched Henley and then she went for a big kick on Henley while also tagging Chance. Chance then hit a splash on the new tag team and rolled Henley in. James tagged in but got hit with a beautiful tag team move from Chance and Carter. She was able to knock Carter down and go for a pin, but she kicked out. Carter threw Chance up in the air and Chance hit a splash, but James got her knees up and did some damage to the Champion. Henley tagged in and slammed Chance down with the help of James, but Carter saved the day and broke up the pin.

Carter hit a mean cutter and took out James on the outside, and Chance and Henley exchanged strikes in the ring. Chance knocked back Henley but Carter tagged in and she went up top and tried to pull Henley. Henley blocked it and hit Carter with a headbutt. Henley punched Carter but ended up on her shoulders, and then Chance sent her reeling towards the mat into a cover. Somehow though Henley kicked out.

James shoved Chance off the top rope and to the outside, and Henley covered Carter. James then grabbed Carter's feet and held them without the referee seeing, and Henley got the 3 count and the win. Carter was livid and so was Chance, but James and Henley were now the new NXT Women's Tag Team Champions! You can find the full card and results for Vengeance Day below.

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NXT Women's Championship Triple Threat Match: Roxanne Perez (C) vs Jacy Jayne vs Gigi Dolin

NXT North American Championship Match: Wes Lee (C) vs Dijak

NXT Women's Tag Team Championship Match: Fallon Henley and Kiana James (C) def. Kayden Carter and Katana Chance

NXT Tag Team Championship Match: The New Day (C) vs Gallus vs Pretty Deadly vs Chase U

Two Out of Three Falls Match: Apollo Crews vs Carmelo Hayes

You can watch NXT Vengeance Day live on Peacock.

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