WWE NXT UK Champions Debut at Heatwave

Tonight's WWE NXT Heatwave got off to a hot start with Carmelo Hayes vs Giovanni Vinci, and then it was time for some faction turmoil to be dealt with from within by Diamond Mine. Julius Creed revealed that he knows who was plotting against the group, and it was none other than Roderick Strong. The group seemed to be falling apart but that's when they were all ambushed by NXT UK faction Gallus, with the group being decimated by the debuting crew as their introduction played out. You can check out their debut in the video below.

Gallus, who is made up of Joe Coffey, Mark Coffey, and Wolfgang from NXT UK, came in with a clear mission, and that was to showcase their power and make a quick impression on NXT. They did that by knocking down the NXT Tag Team Champions, and while the group seems to be dealing with some issues at the moment, they are likely to come together for a least a little while as they deal with this new threat.

This doesn't mean the group is back to normal, as Julius pointed out that he saw Strong receive a signal from Tony D'Angelo during the match and that's what caused Strong's "accidental" knee strike to Julius during the match. Julius said that was a signal and showed Strong is trying to destroy Diamond Mine from within, but Strong said that wasn't the case and that he is fully behind the group.

We'll have to wait and see how it all plays out, but Gallus is here to hunt for that Title gold, and the Creed Brothers are in their signs first.