Released WWE Star Changes Their Wrestling Name

Former WWE women's tag team champion Peyton Royce was among the 10 wrestlers WWE released last Thursday. Royce has since changed the name on all of her social media profiles to Cassie Lee (her real name is Cassie McIntosh), indicating that will be the wrestling name she'll use going forward. Lee originally debuted in Australia as KC Cassidy and had her name changed after signing with WWE in 2015. She was one of the many to post a heartfelt statement after the news of her departure broke.

"Although my heart is in need of some repairs I must send out some thanks," Lee wrote. "To Mr McMahon & HHH for allowing me the opportunity to work for you. I have loved every moment of it & I will cherish my memories at WWE for the rest of my life. Some of my wildest dreams came true under your roof. I cannot thank my wonderful fans enough. You all fuel my passion & my soul. I'll never be able to thank you enough for your love through the years. I wouldn't have had these opportunities without you!

"To all the women & men I have shared the ring & locker room with these past 6 years, thank you! All of your texts these past 24 hours have meant the world to me," she continued. "I will miss your great minds, our memories but mostly our friendship. I'm so grateful to have met you all. You've made me a better person. My hope is that I have made my country, my family & friends back home proud. If so, I feel success in that. Without their support of me chasing my dreams since I was merely 10 years old, I couldn't have done it."

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She continued — "My husband has been my absolute rock & my guidance through my whole journey here. I am so lucky to have his love & support. Baba, thank you for believing in me/ my vision, for supporting my crazy ideas & always making me feel like I can accomplish anything my mind desires. You make my life whole. This chapter of my life has finished but I know in my heart I'm not done just yet. This really is just the beginning & I'm excited to get to work on the future [heart emoji]"

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