R-Truth Breaks Massive Record as WWE 24/7 Champion

R-Truth's utter domination over the WWE 24/7 Championship put him in the record books once again over the weekend, as the 47-year-old veteran wrestler picked up three more reigns as champion across the past three WWE live events. As a result Truth is now a 29-time champion, which surpasses Raven's record of 27 reigns with the WWE Hardcore Championship back when it operated under the same 24/7 rule. The news comes just days after fans noticed WWE had moved the title to the "Retired Championship" section of WWE.com, though that was later fixed. Truth's latest reign started on Sunday in Hershey, Pennsylvania, when he lost the title in a handicap match with the Singh Brothers, only to win it back by pinning Samir.

Along with having the most reigns, Truth leads the title's history with most combined days as champion at 138 (and counting). Only eight other wrestlers have held the title more than once — Drake Maverick (six), Samir Singh (five), Elias (four), Sunil Singh (four), EC3 (four), Carmella (two), Jinder Mahal (two) and Mike Kanellis (two).

In order to solidify himself as the true king of the "24/7 rule," Truth will need to hold onto the title for a few more weeks to break Steve Blackman's record for most combined days as the Hardcore Champion (172 days).


During a recent interview with ComicBook.com, Truth discussed his future plans for the title.

"You're giving me an idea now," Truth said. "So like, how ridiculous, or how ridiculously funny or entertaining, whatever the words may be, that I could be, like, [a] 50-, 70-, 80-, 100-time champion? You know what I'm saying? Nobody's ever done that in the world, right?"