WWE 24/7 Championship Changes Hands Five Times, Ends up Back With R-Truth

The WWE 24/7 Championship changed a record five times during one segment on Monday Night Raw this [...]

The WWE 24/7 Championship changed a record five times during one segment on Monday Night Raw this week, but ended with R-Truth escaping as champion once again.

An hour after Truth successfully defended the title against Drake Maverick, he was spotted running away from a gang of Superstars and wound up in the middle of the ring at the start of a match between Heath Slater and Mojo Rawley. A brawl broke out, which ended with Slater nailing Truth with a neckbreaker and pinning him to win the title. Slater was then chased by other wrestlers around the ring and wound up running right into a Lie Detector from Truth, who then won the title back. Moments later Cedric Alexander hit Truth with a Lumbar Check to win the title, then EC3 attacked him from behind and one the championship as well.

It looked like the former Impact Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion would be leaving with the gold, but a distraction from Carmella allowed Truth to roll up EC3 and win the title back.

Thanks to those two title changes, Truth is now a record eight-time 24/7 Champion. Slater, Alexander and EC3 all won the title for the first time during that segment.

Back at SmackDown Live on Tuesday Truth lost the title to Maverick, who was disguised as Carmella and drove off in Truth's Uber. Maverick then paraded around with the championship and even wore it at his wedding, but right after the ceremony he was rolled up in the aisle by Truth and lost the title. Maverick chased after Truth, leaving his wife to tweet that she wanted a divorce.

Despite only holding the championship for two days, Maverick is still the second-longest reigning 24/7 Champion. Truth dominates the record with most reigns (eight) and most combined days as champion (34), while every other champion has held the title for less than one full day. Other former champions include Robert Roode, Jinder Mahal (twice), Elias (twice) and Titus O'Neil.