Watch: Braun Strowman and Tyson Fury Brawl to Close out WWE Raw

Throughout this week's Monday Night Raw former heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury teased that he would go out to the ring and demand an apology from Braun Strowman for what happened during Friday Night SmackDown last week. Fury lived up to that promise by marching his way to the ring for the final segment, and was promptly greeted by "The Monster Among Men." Strowman claimed he was only joking around when he tossed Dolph Ziggler onto Fury during that eight-man tag match, then promised the big man that if they ever fought he would obliterate him. The two then traded insults, with Fury pointing out that he's won numerous world championships, while Strowman has won none.

This caused Strowman to snap and the two began to brawl as a security team ran into the ring to try and break things up. After both men mowed the guards down with punches they were once again separated, this time by members of the Raw locker room. Strowman eventually made his way to the backstage area and cut a brief promo before running down and fighting Fury again.


No match was announced, but it appears the two big men will face off against each other inside a WWE ring in the near future.