Watch: Drew McIntyre Knocks out Brock Lesnar With Three Claymore Kicks on WWE Raw

Paul Heyman opened up Monday Night Raw this week by running down Drew McIntyre ahead of Brock Lesnar's WWE Championship match at WrestleMania 36. But by the end of the segment, Lesnar had been cleanly knocked out by "The Scottish Psycopath." Heyman claimed that McIntyre was a fraud for how he was able to eliminate Lesnar at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view back in January, and called the Mania's main event a sham as a result. After finally calling McIntyre a "b—," the former NXT Champion made his way down to the ring and scared away Heyman.

Lesnar confidently backed away, indicating the two wouldn't come to blows until their title match. But when "The Beast" turned back around for a sneak attack he ran right into a thunderous Claymore.

But the punishment wasn't over. Lesnar stumbled his way to his feet and walked up the entrance ramp, only to get hit with another Claymore.

McIntyre grabbed the WWE Championship, threw it at Lesnar then hit him with a third Claymore when the tried to stand up.


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