Drew McIntyre Returns on WWE Raw, Joins Team Flair for Crown Jewel

Ric Flair kicked off Monday Night Raw this week by announcing Team Flair's final member for the upcoming 10-man tag match at the Crown Jewel event. After ribbing the Cleveland crowd over the struggling Cleveland Browns, Flair announced his final member would be Drew McIntyre, prompting the Scottish Psychopath to make his way out to the ring. The former NXT Champion had been out of action since undergoing minor surgery, and this week's Raw marked his first match since late August.

Team Flair is now composed of McIntyre, Randy Orton (as the captain), King Corbin, Bobby Lashley and Shinsuke Nakamura. Meanwhile Hulk Hogan recruited Roman Reigns to lead his team comprised of Rusev, Ali, Ricochet and Shorty Gable.

McIntyre picked up the win by dodging Ricochet's 630 Splash and hitting him with a Claymore. He then nailed him with a Future Shock DDT, pulled him outside of the ring and hit a reverse Alabama Slam onto the steel ring steps.


Midway through the match Flair cut a promo telling Hogan to bring his entire team with him to Friday Night SmackDown this week for a face-off.