WWE: Rey Mysterio Reportedly Hasn't Re-Signed His Contract

Rey Mysterio has not signed his WWE contract and his future with the company is a bit uncertain moving forward. Wrestling Observer Newsletter talked about the path ahead for the King of the 619. Dave Meltzer said that Rey wouldn’t be leaving at this time contends that things look weird, but patience is necessary. “I don’t expect him to leave but it’s not a lock that he won’t,” he wrote. Things got a little clearer on Monday after that dustup with Seth Rollins on Raw. The Beastslayer tried to put his eye out and that would be a definite storyline moving forward if Mysterio chooses to continue on with WWE.

However, the veteran talent has expressed a desire to team with his son Dominick before he retires multiple times. Rey has been careful not to rock the boat with WWE as to not jeopardize Dominick’s future with the company. However, these negotiations always have more than one sticking point. Despite all these years working, Mysterio remains beloved by fans and the time away in Lucha Underground didn’t seem to dim that for fans of a certain age. Also complicating matters is the fact that the current 18-month contract that he’s working on was signed before AEW got off the ground in earnest. There are options that just didn’t exist before out there for the Lucha legend if he wants it.

When Mysterio signed, it was originally both a talent acquisition thing and keeping the performer away from New Japan. There had been some speculation that he might test the waters over there. By penning that contract, Vince both kept Rey in the fold and prevented a highly marketable presence from using Tony Khan as leverage in a possible negotiation down the line. In the current moment, it would be hard to imagine any other promotion coming up with some sort of “blockbuster” deal to steal him away fro WWE’s roster.

So, for now, “recuperating” from that nasty run-in with those steel steps is all that’s on the docket for the high-flyer. WWE provided an update on the injury this week. "Rey Mysterio's injury status is still listed as critical," WWE's statement began. "Doctors cannot properly assess the damage to his retina until the swelling subsides, as Rey is currently at-risk for infection. Mysterio suffered an eye injury when Seth Rollins grinded his face into the corner of the steel ring steps."

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