Former WWE Superstar Sarah Logan Announces She's Pregnant

Former WWE Superstar Sarah Logan (real name Sarah Rowe) and WWE Superstar Erik of the Viking Raiders announced on the latest episode of The Wild and Free TV that they're expecting their first child. Logan, who says she's six weeks pregnant in the video, says, "I'm so excited, which is news for me. I honestly did not want to have kids before I met Ray Rowe. No one had ignited that motherly instinct in me. It just wasn't something I thought was for me.

"I was that girl that was like, 'I don't want kids. I don't need kids.' Then I met Ray and almost immediately, I was like, 'I want to create something with this man. I want more than we have — I want everything," she continued. "I want marriage, I want to live together, I want kids. And to have that right now, it's overwhelming. Just to know that I'm gonna give him something no one else has and no one else will is beautiful."

Logan was released by WWE back on April 15 along with 30+ other wrestlers, but reports quickly popped up that she would be back on Raw in the near future. She then clarified on social media in late June that she was stepping away from pro wrestling altogether.

"A lot has changed in my life recently and I have stepped away from wrestling for the foreseeable future," Logan wrote. "Wrestling is all I've known since I was 17 so it's time I let myself focus on other things and explored other parts of myself. My Instagram is going to be different but I promise it will always reflect me. So if you wanna take this crazy ride then buckle up because things have been moving faster than I can keep up. My efforts have been on @thewildandfreetv and that's the best way to keep up. We're releasing some awesome content. I don't say this enough but I appreciate you guys and hope to see ya down the line."

The 26-year-old first appeared on WWE television back in 2014, though she didn't sign a WWE developmental contract until October 2016. She, Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan all jumped to the SmackDown roster in November 2017 as the Riott Squad trio and would wrestle together up until the 2019 Superstar Shake-Up.

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