WWE SmackDown: Cesaro Earns Title Shot Against Roman Reigns at WrestleMania Backlash

Tonight's retro edition of SmackDown started off with some big reveals, as not only did Jimmy Uso make his grand return but the blue brand legend Teddy Long would also return, and he immediately made an impact. Long revealed that Adam Pearce gave him the power to create some matches, and his first one was a match between Cesaro and Seth Rollins. The kicker was that if Cesaro won the match he would earn a Universal Championship match against Roman Reigns at WrestleMania Backlash, and as you can imagine, this did not sit well with Reigns, Paul Heyman, or The Usos.

Reigns and Heyman watched the match from backstage, while Jey and Jimmy Uso hung out at ringside. Jey did try and get involved at one point, but was rushed off. Rollins had Cesaro down at one point but couldn't keep him down for the 3-count, but he then locked eyes with The Usos for a brief minute.

When we got back from the commercial Cesaro had the upper hand, trying to lock Rollins up in the sharpshooter, and he managed to get it locked in. Rollins crawled towards the ropes but Cesaro grabbed his arm and then went to turn it into a crossface, though Rollins broke it up successfully.

Rollins then sent Cesaro down to the mat again but Cesaro kicked out at 2. Rollins was caught by Cesaro and dropped on the top turnbuckle, and then Cesaro went to lift him up but Rollins countered and then hit a buckle bomb on Cesaro but a clothesline sent Rollins down hard too.

Then it was all punches but Rollins sent Cesaro out of the ring to the floor, and then The Usos were hovering. Rollins then stopped Jey from interfering, saying he wasn't Roman and to not interfere. Jey went to tap him on the shoulder but Rollins pushed him down, yelling at him. he got back in the ring but backed back out when Cesaro charged, and then Jimmy superkicked Rollins.


Rollins was rolled into the ring and Cesaro capitalized, slamming him to the mat and getting the 3-count to secure his shot at Reigns' Championship.

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