WWE SmackDown: Drew McIntyre Shows Up To Confront Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman kicked off SmackDown by coming out to the ring for a promo. Roman talked about how he makes people relevant. He talked about his feud with his cousin and Jey and how he's been destroying the competition of late. Roman says that he's (Jey) going to lead Team SmackDown to a victory at Survivor Series.

Roman then goes on to address the man he's scheduled to face at Survivor Series, WWE Champion Randy Orton. Roman says that Orton is the perfect example of how someone can respect a man's work but not respect the man himself.

At that point, Drew McIntyre's music came on and the WWE Raw star made his way to the ring. The announcers mentioned the two have a history together.

McIntyre references the last time they were in the ring together was at the Royal Rumble earlier this year, when he eliminated him to win the Rumble. Drew says he went on make Paul Heyman's client (Lesnar) his "bitch" by defeating him in less than five minutes. He says Lesnar has now disappeared but he carried the show and was there for Raw.

McIntyre talks about how he has a chance to defeat Orton for the WWE Championship this Monday night during Raw. He says, "I am the man now, and I will prove it at Survivor Series."


Reigns says that he respects McIntyre and likes him. He says that he (McIntyre) speaks the truth. However, Roman says that he's back now and so everyone has forgotten about him. Roman says he doesn't watch Raw and that nobody does. He basically says that SmackDown is the show to watch.

Jey Uso shows up and says the last two people that were disrespectful, Daniel Bryan and Kevin Owens, he got them. He challenges McIntyre for a match later in the show. After a commercial break, Roman was backstage screaming at Jey for talking about "we" and "us." Roman says he calls the shots and makes the rules around SmackDown and he didn't tell him to come out and make a match for himself.