Watch: Roman Reigns Throws Kevin Owens Off ThunderDome Set On SmackDown

WWE SmackDown this week closed in memorable fashion, but it wasn't as we expected based on the main event that was scheduled for the show. Earlier in the night, Kevin Owens demanded a match with Jey Uso. Uso has been interfering in Owens' matches with Roman Reigns in recent weeks, so Owens was out for revenge. After convincing Adam Pearce to book the match backstage, Owens and Uso entered the ring in the main event slot of Friday night's broadcast.

That match was pretty much all Owens, with Reigns' rival dominating his cousin. Owens won in convincing fashion following a Stunner in the middle of the ring and a pinfall. However, there was still 10 minutes left in the show so something else was bound to happen.

And happen it did.

Owens took out some handcuffs from under the ring, put them on Uso, and screamed for Reigns to come out and protect his family. After Reigns didn't show, Owens said he'd take it to him. As Owens and Reigns made their way up the aisle, Uso tried to get away but Owens tossed him into the LED screens on the ThunderDome set. Owens set up Uso up on a table and was going to jump off the ThunderDome set on top of him, but Kevin was attacked from behind by Reigns.

Reigns and Owen fought throughout the aisles between the LED screens, with Uso also getting involved. Owens got worked over pretty good by the pair as they fought to the edge of the set. Reigns then tossed Owens off the set, through a table below, in a crazy looking spot to close out the show.


Check out the footage below.

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