WWE SmackDown: Roman Reigns and Jey Uso Square Off In Heated Segment

The second hour of WWE SmackDown on Friday night began with Jey Uso making his way out to the ring to interview his cousin, Roman Reigns, in advance of their Universal Championship match on Sunday at WWE Clash of Champions. Corey Graves was set to interview Reigns, but Uso said he was going to "keep it in the family" and do it for him. Footage was shown of Reigns scowling at Uso last week at the close of SmackDown, and Uso called out his cousin to ask him about it. He said "I thought we were better than that."

Reigns was backstage with Paul Heyman in his locker room. Eventually, Paul Heyman addressed the camera. He said the WWE Universe deserves to hear from Reigns, face to face, in the ring. However, he said it won't happen when Uso wants it to happen, it will happen when the "Tribal Chief" Roman Reigns decides it is going to happen. Heyman guaranteed it will happen in the ring tonight.

Uso said he knew some thing was up when Roman changed his cell phone number, but still maintained that "it's all good" and "all love."

In the main event segent, Reigns and Heyman came out. Uso soon followed. Reigns passed Alexa Bliss on the entrance ramp, who glared back at him after transforming via The Fiend.

Reigns said he wouldn't give his title to him if he could. Roman talked about how Jey is a twin and he's always relied on his brother. He said the family is proud of him being one of the great tag team wrestlers ever, but the family depends on him to be "The Tribal Chief" and "it will always be me."


As Roman walked off, Jey got on the mic and asked "what if you're wrong? Why can't I be the one to provide for the family, Uce? Why can't I provide for my wife, my kids, your nephews?...My whole life, you've been number one. You've been on top. There goes Roman Reigns. The Big Dog. Mr. WrestleMania. Mr. Main Event. You know what they say when they see me? Which one are you! After Sunday, when they ask me who you are, they gonna know. They're gonna say you're the one who beat Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship!"

Reigns walked off angrily as Uso walked up the entrance ramp looking exasperated and confident at the same time. He turned his back on the entrance way to raise his hands back at the ThunderDome crowd. When he turned around, Reigns ran out with a Superman Punch. Reigns then held the title in his face on the ground and yelled that he feeds the whole family with the title, not just kid his kids or Jey's kids. Roman said he's going to take the pay day, the ass whooping that comes with it, but he will never take his title or his place at the head of the table.