WWE SmackDown: Sasha Banks Breaks Silence But Receives Another Vicious Beating From Bayley

WWE fans were shocked after Bayley turned on her best friend Sasha Banks in such brutal fashion a few weeks ago, telling medical personnel to leave and following that with a brutal beatdown that at one point included a chair. She would then address the betrayal on last week's SmackDown, complete with a promo homage to Banks' hero Eddie Guererro. Banks addressed all of it on tonight's SmackDown, and she didn't hold back on Bayley.

Michael Cole said it had been two weeks since Bayley attacked her and then played the footage. Sasha shook her head after the footage stopped playing and grabbed her neck, which was in a brace.

She then held back tears as she said: "I'm still here ain't I." She was then asked about Bayley's promo last week, saying that Sasha was waiting fo rthe right time to betray Byaley, and she knew that.

Sasha said "and now I'm nothing to her. She was using me and now I'm must useless to her. I heard every single word Bayley said last week, and I can't help but be filled with emotions as I sit here at the PC, a place that we built, a place we talked about our goals, a place we talked about what we wanted to do together. We used to walk these halls just to talk about everything we've achieved now. This whole summer here at the PC , we showed the world and we told the world that we were going. totake over the whole damn company together."

"And now when I walk these halls, when I go to the locker room, when I see all these girls that come here now, it's because we did that together. All these rooms, all our pictures, all our posters, all our accomplishments, all our accolades, we did this together, and if these walls could talk...they could tell you..."

At that point, she held back tears, but continued. "You know, I came here this week to answer your questions, you want to say that you're some type of idiot, that i think you're naive, Bayley I know that you're watching this, and you're damn straight you are an idiot, you are naive. You are nothing without me," Banks said. "You're nothing without me. So since I'm useless to you now, one day I am going to take that one thing that you love, your SmackDown Women's Championship."

Bayley then came in and attacked Banks, and then took the brace off and then tried to hit her with the same chair attack she did two weeks ago, but security intervened before she could.

You can find the official description for tonight's SmackDown below.

Roman Reigns & Jey Uso team up again for a Samoan Street Fight, Sasha Banks will address Bayley's heinous attack and much more on Friday Night SmackDown.

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