WWE's Sasha Banks Beats Nia Jax With An Assist From Shayna Baszler on SmackDown

First up on tonight's SmackDown was a Championship match between SmackDown Women's Champion Sasha [...]

First up on tonight's SmackDown was a Championship match between SmackDown Women's Champion Sasha Banks vs Women's Tag Team Champion Nia Jax. The title was on the line and there was quite a bit of bad blood after last week, which saw Reginald interfere in the match and cost Sasha and Bianca Belair the match. It was all Banks at first, who hit her with a flurry of kicks and punches and sent her headfirst into the turnbuckle and then hit her with double knees.

She almost got the Banks Statement locked in but Jax hit Banks with a big elbow, and she then charged at her in the corner. Jax then lifted Banks and displayed her power, letting her fall face-first on the mat. It was followed by a pin but Banks kicked out.

Jax lifted Banks again and slammed her down, and then she hit her with a big elbow but Banks kicked out again. Banks attempted to charge at Jax but Jax didn't move at all, and it did more damage to Banks.

At that point Belair came out to the ring after saying she wouldn't, and she gave Banks a bit of a pep talk as she tried to recover outside of the ring.

Banks was back up and running when things returned from commercial break but Jax quickly took control again, slaming Banks down and then lifting Banks up and swinging her head right into the turnbuckle. A pin attempt was made but Banks kicked out.

Jax then went after Banks' leg and lower back with a submission, and afterwards, Jax picked up Banks again but Banks evaded. Jax then landed right on her tailbone and it seemed to hurt quite a bit, and then Banks hit Jax with a reverse Meteora followed by a pin but Jax kicked out and then threw Banks away out of th ring.

Banks then got on Jax's back but she was able to pick up Banks, though that was reversed by Banks and followed by a Banks' Statement. Baszler went to break it up but was cut off by Belair. Belair was caught by the referee though and when his back was turned Baszler went to kick Banks but accidentally hit Jax in the mouth.

That allowed Banks to get the pin and the win, and Jax was pretty upset at how she lost.

You can find the official description for tonight's SmackDown below.

For the first time in over a decade, Edge returns to action on SmackDown against Jey Uso for the right to be Special Enforcer for Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan at WWE Fastlane. Plus, Sasha Banks defends the SmackDown Women's Title against Nia Jax this Friday at 8/7 C on FOX.

Tonight's card includes:

Edge vs Key Use to become the Special Enforcer at Fastlane

Sasha Banks vs Nia Jax (Championship Match)

Big E and Apollo Crews sit for an exclusive interview

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