WWE's Asuka Beats Sasha Banks to Become Raw Women's Champion at SummerSlam

Tonight's WWE SummerSlam kicked off with the first of two match-ups for Asuka, who took on Bayley for her SmackDown Women's Championship. She would ultimately lose that match (thanks to Banks stepping in to take a hit), and so it came down to Banks to face Asuka second and see if she could defeat the Empress of Tomorrow and keep her title. Bayley was on hand at ringside of course, and when all was said and done, it was Asuka who stood tall with the Raw Women's Championship.

Banks went right after Asuka's knee, which had also been a target in Asuka's match with Bayley. Banks went right after it, but Asuka managed to get a few kicks in. The two would trade blows on the ground until Asuka got the upper hand, which had Banks walking out of the ring for a breather.

Asuka dragged her back in, but Banks kicked her in the face. Asuka got a kneebar on Banks outside of the ring though, but Banks was able to break it.

Banks turned the tables again later when she power bombed Asuka off the ring apron and onto the floor. Banks got back into the ring and Bayley kept talking smack to Asuka as the count kept going. Asuka managed to get in just in time and survived a pin from Banks.

Banks lined up for a shot and hit it, nailing Asuka's face with her boot, but the pin was unsuccessful. Banks then put Asuka in the corner and hit her with several shoulders to the midsection, followed by placing her on the ropes for the double knees, but Asuka countered and got Banks up on her shoulders and sent her face-first into the mat and then right into a kneebar.

Then she turned it into an Angle Lock, but Banks reversed it and sent Asuka into the corner, followed by a forearm to the face to halt her momentum. Banks then got up on the turnbuckle but Asuka fought her off, then transitioned into a DDT from the top turnbuckle.

Asuka then stunned Banks by throwing her into the side of the ring, and then she hit a missile dropkick from the top turnbuckle, but after a pin Banks kicked out.

Banks then got up on the top rope and went for a frog splash but she missed. Asuka didn't really capitalize though, as both stars were hurting at this point. Bayley tried to give some encouragement to Banks, and then Asuka charged, but Banks hit her first, though Asuka just about got the Asuka Lock secured. Asuka went for it again but Banks got out once more and then locked in the Banks Statement.

When Banks wen to secure her hold, Asuka reversed it, but Banks got out again, throwing Asuka off. Asuka then hit Banks with a big kick, and that's when Bayley interfered. Unlike Banks though, Bayley dodged Asuka and didn't take the hit, so when Sasha went for the hold Asuka reversed it and put the Asuka Lock on Sasha, causing her to tap.

Here's what's on deck for SummerSlam:

SmackDown Women's Champion Bayley vs Asuka

Braun Strowman vs The Fiend

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre vs Randy Orton

The Street Profits vs Andrade and Angel Garza with Zelina Vega

Dominik Mysterio vs Seth Rollins

Raw Women's Champion Sasha Banks vs Asuka


Mandy Rose vs Sonya Deville

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