WWE Superstars Reenact Stone Cold's Austin 3:16 Speech

stone cold impressions
(Photo: WWE)

The famous Austin 3:16 speech that Stone Cold Steve Austin gave at his King of the Ring victory coronation is truly one for the ages. It not only cemented Austin as one of the most popular figures in the company at the time, but also that the company itself was headed towards a massive attitude shift towards something edgier than ever before.

Austin's speech recently turned 20 years old, and some of the current roster contributed to reenacting it. From Chris Jericho to Big Cass, to even Becky Lynch, you can see some of the brightest stars of the New Era come together and celebrate the start of the Attitude Era.

WWE Tag Team Champion Kofi Kingston's impression can be seen in its entirety as well, with Big E acting as Michael Hayes and Xavier Woods as the limping and defeated Jake "The Snake" Roberts

Kofi prides himself on being an entertainer, and didn't disappoint and is almost as good as Christian's Ultimate Warrior.

Do you readers have a favorite one of the bunch?