WWE Teases Return of LA Knight on SmackDown

The Maximum Male Models stable has certainly made an impression and already has its fans, but many were disappointed to see the former LA Knight recast as Max Dupri to lead the group when they first started making appearances on SmackDown. Then reports came out that suggested he was being removed from the faction altogether, but then the Triple H era started at SummerSlam, and since then not only has he been a part of the faction, but there have also been teases that he is returning to LA Knight sooner than later, and tonight there was another perfectly placed tease.

The Maximum Male Models were set to reveal their Back to School collection, and making the introduction was Max and Maxxine Dupri. Max would lead things off by giving a shoutout to Anaheim California (where tonight's SmackDown is taking place), and then he said they were a stone's throw away from LA. That's when he cut his sentence short and paused, looking around as if something was coming back to him, and then Maxxine got him to resume the introduction.

This follows last week's tease that had him giving a speech about making it through the night, and he had a similar pause there as well. Then he even gave a small yeah, but the next big tease will likely be the return of his trademark "yeaaahhh" he delivered in NXT, and when he does eventually become LA Knight again, the SmackDown roster will have another big fan favorite in the lineup.

Hopefully, we don't have to wait too much longer to see LA Knight back in action, and he instantly gives the brand another big talker on the microphone. As for MMM, right now they are feuding with Hit Row, but perhaps we'll see LA Knight try and take them down once he leaves the group.

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