WWE TLC 2019: Daniel Bryan Returns With a New Look, Attacks Bray Wyatt

Even without his Fiend persona, Bray Wyatt still managed to beat The Miz at TLC on Sunday night. But thanks to a surprise return after the match, it was Wyatt who wound up running away from the ring. As the Universal Champion celebrated his victory The Fiend popped up on the Titantron, which beckoned Wyatt to pull his huge mallet (last seen at Hell in a Cell) and try to crush Miz's head with it. Suddenly the lights in the arena flickered as if The Fiend was about to arrive, only for a hooded figure to run in at hit Wyatt with a Running Knee.

The man turned out to be none other than Daniel Bryan, who had a brand new look after being pulled under the ring several weeks ago.


Bryan tried to use the mallet on Wyatt, but the champ vanished after the lights suddenly went out. The former WWE Champion was upset at first, but then celebrated with a Yes! Chant along with the Minneapolis crowd.