Drew McIntyre Explains Why Having Separate WWE World Championships Makes More Sense

Roman Reigns successfully unified the WWE and Universal Championships at WrestleMania 38 by defeating Brock Lesnar last month. Since then, WWE has done very little to address the situation of one wrestler holding its two top world championships. Reigns has only appeared on Raw twice since then (both of which were for only short promos), he's still carrying around both championships and he's not in any sort of title match at WrestleMania Backlash tonight. One of his potential upcoming challengers, Drew McIntyre, recently spoke with WrestleRant Radio and explained why he thinks Raw and SmackDown should still have separate titles. 

"I mean just for the roster it's been separated. I think each show should have its own champion. I know, say like 20 years ago, whatever it was the same champion they traveled to the shows," McIntyre said (h/t WrestlingNews.co). "But it was also the same roster. Right now, it's because of what happened at WrestleMania I know the bell to Mania was for this gigantic match with Roman vs. Brock. It was two champions facing off with each... the two top champions facing off with each other. Two individuals with such an incredible history really on fire at another level persona-wise with Roman as his Tribal Chief character and cowboy Brock, which we've never seen before so it was a huge match, huge implications. This is the fallout from that huge match with both titles and it's cool right now. It puts him even higher up than he was before if that's even possible. He's literally Thanos levels right now. I think it's about time that somebody at least took one of those titles off of him and I'm looking at Drew McIntyre."

McIntyre recently spoke with ComicBook about WWE's upcoming Clash at the Castle stadium event in Cardiff this September. He said becoming a three-time world champion would mean more to him than facing heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury. 


"When it comes to Tyson, I see the ball is in his court. You've got our number, give us a call, we'll figure it out because I ain't waiting for you and my attention's fully straight ahead. My attention's on the championships. My attention's on Roman. And realistically, if I had a dream scenario, it would be fighting for the title in the UK, in a stadium, the show that I've been dreaming about and pushing for years, and it's actually freaking happening. And the tickets are fighting off the shelf, so get them soon," he said.