Watch: WWE's Xavier Woods Has a Horrifying Theory About Pokemon

WWE Superstar and avid gamer Xavier Woods is currently out of action with an Achilles injury, and it has given the New Day member plenty of time to post hilarious videos on social media. However Woods' latest video on Saturday took a dark turn when he considered the real-world implications of Pokemon. Instead of getting into the usual talking points about how Pokemon battles are like dog fighting, Woods addressed the fact that Pokemon Trainers receive their first Pokemon at 10-years-old, which is way too young for someone to suddenly have a super-powered sidekick and be given a free pass to roam the world trying to catch other Pokemon.

Woods pitched the theory that having Pokemon Trainers is just that universe's version of the Hunger Games, since in reality so many of those 10-year-old kids would die out in the wilderness by themselves.

"So, when a kid is 10 they get a Pokeball and they go out into the world on a dangerous mission with no adult supervision. You play the game, you encounter other people with Pokemon that you fight against. Some of them are kindergartners. So [kids] 10 and under are given Pokemon and go on this mission with no adult supervision. When I was 10 it was hard enough for me to wipe my own cheeks, much less fight animals with an animal sidekick. I don't understand this.

"How many of those kids actually make it to the first gym and get their first badge? And how many of those kids are just rotting away in tall grass because Pokemon did them in? We don't talk about that, we don't even think about that. Yes it's very dark, I understand that, but logistically speaking is Pokemon essentially their universe's way of having Battle Royale? Or for the Americans in the room, Hunger Games? Is that the point, to quell the population becaus there's too many people?

Woods also posed the question on Twitter about who would win in a war between humans and Pokemon. The latter won in a landslide.


On a much lighter note, the latest installments in the Pokemon game series, Pokemon Sword and Shield, released on the Nintendo Switch back on Nov. 15. Meanwhile the current anime, Pokemon: The Series, recently premiered with Ash Ketchum working alongside a new protagonist Go.