Xavier Woods Says Esports Could Benefit From WWE Presentation Style

Xavier Woods is arguably the most famous gamer in WWE, and perhaps even in the pro wrestling industry. His Up Up, Down Down YouTube channel has received acclaim all around the world, so if there's someone in WWE that might know a thing or two about Esports and how that field can continue to develop, it is him. And in an interview with the BBC, Woods talked about how the field could potentially benefit from adding in elements of WWE into their presentation.

"I think that there are definitely places for Esports to go, and that's kind of one of the reasons that I wanted to make the gaming channel as well,” Woods explained. “My thought has always been if I'm interested in the game and figure out how to make them interested in people much like wrestling, because I know people that don't like watching wrestling, they don't they don't like the actual physical wrestling part of it, but they love everything else about it, the dramatics, the promos, and they watch it purely for that stuff.”

He continued, “So my thought is that, what if the same thing can be brought to the Esports world? So, I'm not saying that everybody gets personas and is coming out screaming out in promos. So rather than just kind of winning and, you know, 'this is fun, this is cool.' Winning and being able to be interviewed immediately and speaking coherently, maybe trash talking your opponent a little bit. But they've been trained in how to do this too. Now, if I don't understand Street Fighter, I understand there's beef right here.”

Woods also discussed advice for anyone starting a gaming channel, stating that they should do it for fun, not profit, otherwise burn out becomes real.


Woods has been out of action since late October with an Achilles injury. The reports at the time stated the injury would keep him out of action for anywhere from six months to one year. The absence has allowed him to devote more time to his gaming career while his New Day partners Big E and Kofi Kingston continue to reign as the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions.

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